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Date: 31st December 2016
Hexamine Solid Fuel Tablets
Solid Fuel TabletThis solid fuel tablet are used to heat and warm food,this solid fuel tablets namely hexamethyllenetetramine (hexamine) also known as camping fuel. However, these are toxic and are not suitable for indoor use.Usually used for ignition barbecue barbecue ignited. Can also be used as fuel with alcohol stove. ?One piece of solid fuel tablet burning for about 15-20 minutes.1, product use: widely used in catering, tourism, military, navigation, exploration, hospitals, schools and other places. It is hot meals, cooking, barbecue,?2, the best fuel with performance characteristics: white non-toxic, strong firepower, safe use, convenient carrying high density products. Not volatile, can be stored for a long period (10 years) and long-distance transport.3, fuel burning time: 15 minutes, the flame temperature can reach 600 degrees.4, product packaging: inner packing is a transparent plastic bag, outer packing box is small carton.?5, note: 1, can not be mixed with food, not edible; 2, pay attention to moisture; 3, away from the fire source.Company profile ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?1. Certification for safe transport of Chemical Goods.2.Our Company is ISO certified and we manage each process according to ISO standards.3.MSDS and REACH report from SGS and Intertek can be provided.4.Terms of payment can be T/T or L/C.